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Environmental Plans
The principles of coordination between administrations is a plan that determines. The plan contains the country and the region the upper scale plan decisions. The plan provide a balance between for housing, industry, agriculture, tourism, transportation sectors, urban and rural fabric .

Master Development Plans
General character of the area determines future population densities, landuse decisions and building a plan that is regional. Aspects of the development of settlement areas, transportation system plans are prepared based on the application that shows the plans.
Application Development Plans
The plan is drawn on the certificated basemap and cadastral maps using the principles of master development plans.
Urban Design Project
Urban Design Project is a branch of science that is concerned with physical forms of the city and buildings between them and the remaining open spaces. “The relationship with the topography and the form of construction”, “The relationship with historical development and the form of construction”, “The physical character of the public space”, “At the urban scale three-dimensional concepts”, all of these matters contains urban design project’s approach.

Urban  Transformation Project
Old urban spaces which is outdated for many reasons to be improved in a comprehensive for economic, social, physical and environmental conditions. Urban transformation is concerned with the old areas re-planning and managing.

Conservation Development Plan
Conservation Development Plans prepare for protected areas, cultural and natural assets with the protection of a comprehensive reserach plan. The plan contains Conservation Area Management Plan.

Industrial Zone Plans
Industrial Zone Plans are prepared in accordance with the law and regulations relating to the plans crafted.

Tourism Zone Plans
Tourism Zone Plans  are prepared in order to ensure tourism conservation and development areas of protection. These plans are includes short-term and long-term spatial strategies.
  • Housing Projects
  • Business and Shopping Center Projects
  • Educational Structure Projects
  • Social and Administrative Structure Projects
  • Industry Structure Project
 Real Estate Development and Management
  • Identification of the most suitable land and functions for the investors according to existing land or the projects are demanded,
  • Doing some researches which are necessary about reconstruction and preparation od master development plans,
  • Preparation, organization and management of investment plan.
  Real Estate Investment Consultant
  • Preparing Value Assestment Report
  • Basemaps
  • Infrastructural Projects Maps
  • Development Plan Implementations
  • Road Projects Applications